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Below are resources and tools to being successful in 2021 with 10 Characteristics of an Automotive Marketing Solution.
#1: Continuous Data Cleanse

Does your Marketing Solution clean and empower your data?

Otto Circle of Power - Sales Sheet

Otto’s methods are simple: by following the VIN, owners in your DMS are verified, new owners are found and offers are targeted for each, all while disregarding incorrect data in your DMS.

Otto Circle of Power Video

Otto works completely and tirelessly to target customers who are in a position to upgrade their vehicle, boosts your RO's by capturing customers and finding subsequent owners (newly identified vehicle owner after a vehicle was traded or sold by the originating owner); who are due, or past due for service.

#2: Follow the VIN Data

Is your dealership targeting current owners and sending each specific customer relevant marketing using Follow the VIN technology?

Follow The Car, Follow The Customer

The Activator solution is all about putting better data in your hands to improve marketing effectiveness, efficiency, production, and profitability.

Follow The VIN, Drive Repeat Business Infographic

Allow your dealership to target current owners and send each specific customer relevant marketing using Activator’s Follow the VIN technology.

Pollard Jeep of CO, Video Testimonial

Bob Valladao, Service Director at Pollard Jeep, describes how the lack of knowledge with effective marketing was causing his dealership to miss opportunities.

#3: Service Conquesting

Are you driving incremental revenue by reaching customers who have never bought or serviced at your dealership before?

Service Conquesting with Activator

Gain new lifelong customers with Activator’s Conquesting feature. Service Conquesting drives incremental revenue by reaching customers who have never bought or been serviced at your dealership before. Activator sends relevant, hyper-targeted service communications to up to 1,500 customers per month.

#4: Social Distance Marketing

Can your marketing solution position your sales and service departments for social distance marketing success in 2021?

Winning in 2021: A Dealership’s Guide to Social Distance Marketing Success

From ridding the budget of extraneous expenses to consolidating multiple marketing vendors, dealerships can position their sales and service departments for social distance marketing success this year by switching to the Activator solution.

Prepare for Social Distance Marketing Success in 2021

Last year without exception was difficult for dealerships, altering how they do business and interact with customers. In 2021, dealerships can still achieve marketing success but one thing is certain:

Social distance marketing needs to be at the core of how dealerships do business to stay in front of current and potential customers.

#5: Process, Automation, and Optimization

Does your dealership leverage done-for-you marketing you can trust?

Improve, Automate and Optimize Your Dealership Marketing

Activator offers an automated solution that is optimized for the entire customer lifecycle. This creates a predictable, incremental, and long-term solution for your marketing efforts, one that enjoys less micromanagement and measurable results.

Process, Improvement & Adoption

Juan Carrol, Sales Director at Activator, explains how your dealership can hyper-target and engage customers while maintaining meaningful consumer connections.

#6: Gain Hand-raisers

Does your equity sales approach include modern marketing strategies to reach customers wherever they are?

Why Standalone Equity Solutions Fail

Customer communication preferences are constantly changing, and they expect companies to keep up with them.

Does your equity sales approach include modern marketing strategies to reach customers wherever they are?

#7: Regional Performance Management

Do your current vendors manage campaign creation and execution to establish repeatable marketing processes?

Marci Trares talks about the importance of Performance Managers.

#8: Customer Lifecycle Targeting and Optimization

Does your dealership provide insights into understanding the car buyer’s path to purchase at every stage?

Understanding the Car Buyer’s Path to Purchase: How Dealerships Can Win at Every Stage

Explore the five stages of a car buyer’s journey and how modern marketing automation and strategies can help drive leads to purchase.

Customer Targeting & Engagement

Ensure you are targeting customers that are ready to do business by aligning the customer lifecyle, ultimately boosting your engagement and conversions.

#9: Customizable One-off Campaigns

Do your Performance Managers create customizable one-off campaigns to increase customer engagement?

Marci Trares, VP of Client Services, discusses how performance managers at Activator create customizable campaigns.

#10: Consolidate Your Vendors

Does your current Marketing Solution consolidate your marketing efforts into a single solution that saves you time and money?

Bobby Coy talks about how you can consolidate your marketing efforts into a single solution.

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