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Empower a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy with Direct Mail to Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Data-driven intelligent Direct Mail marketing at launch

Monthly consultative management of customer targeting and results

Target customers with physical addresses but no email on file

Targeting includes Service Conquesting, Subsequent Owner, Equity, Lost Soul, Win-Back, and Buy-Back messaging

OEM Compliant Mail Design

Quantities are intelligently dialed in by each dealer’s database, market size, and target opportunities

Market Like a Pro

Mail Pro is direct mail marketing done for you, from message development to mailing execution and reporting. Let customer engagement become your competitive advantage. Show your customers why they should do business with you and use a multi-channel direct mail strategy to reach them where they are.

Support the Entire Customer Lifecycle

From past-due service visits to in-equity prospects, stay in touch with every customer for as long as they own the car. We use Follow the VIN technology to connect your customers, including service conquest, and subsequent owners to expand your market audience.

Engage your Customers with Multiple Channels

Reach customers where they are and expand market reach. With an ever-changing market, targeting customers across multiple channels brings awareness to new customers and keeps current customers engaged.

Increase ROI with Timely, Targeted Offers

Know exactly what your customer needs when they need it. Mail Pro uses Customer Insights to anticipate service needs, car upgrades, trade-in values, and more to create timely targeted offers for every customer.

Stay Flexible with the Market

As your dealership’s market landscape and goals change our Performance Managers send and adjust quantities based on available opportunities. Change quantities across all five target groups to meet current demands.

Employ Consultative Selling

Show — don’t tell — your customers that you have their best interests in mind. Sell and service from a consultative standpoint with relevant offers that demonstrate you know their needs, history, and next best actions.

How It Works:

Shift to a Multi-Channel Marketing Solution with Activator Mail Pro

We split initial quantities between equity and conquest mail to create your baseline of appropriate targets and quantities. We emphasize the areas we discuss during our consultation.

After 60 days, we evaluate your database and market potential for direct mail fulfillment across five customer target groups and make quantity and segment targeting recommendations accordingly.

Monthly and quarterly reviews allow for agile adjustments to quantities and segment targeting to maximize your opportunities.

“We are building a direct mail product that will drive better engagement and ultimately more qualified sales and service leads. It will also flex around the shifting needs of your business and your customers. Overall, this is low risk and high reward.”
- Bobby G, VP of sales and marketing


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