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Watch Our Inventory Shortage Video Series

For those dealerships facing inventory shortages, watch a quick video from Bobby Gaudreau, VP of Sales and Marketing. He will be introducing a 4-week video series on how to stay ahead of inventory shortages in today's market.

Utilize Ad-hoc Campaigns

Marci Trares, VP of Client Services, talks about how Activator's team of Performance Managers are helping customers address inventory shortages across our dealeships with custom-tailored emails.

Prioritize Your Service Drive

In this video, Bobby Coy, Sales Director, talks about how Activator is prioritizing Service retention and conquesting that leads to incremental gains for our dealerships.

Focus on Existing Customers

In this video, Jeff Ornell, Sales Director, talks about prioitizing existing customers to sell to, how verifiying the owner of the vehicle can lead to hand-raisers from loyal customers and how activator sources certified pre-owned vehicles to add to your lot.

Download the FREE Inventory Guide

Better inventory sourcing begins with knowing your customers better. The more you can learn about your buyers and prospects, the better chance you have of presenting with an offer that's right for them. Download the FREE Inventory Guide and start sourcing certified pre-owned vehicles in 30 days!

What's Inside?

• Inventory Sourcing is Better with Data
• Inventory Sourcing: Fuel for Thought
• How Activator is Helping Dealers Source Inventory

Stay Ahead of Inventory Shortages with a Focus on Repairs and Service Guide

Half of your dealership is Service, why not focus there to increase revenue during uncertain times. Get to know your existing and potential new customers by knowing what service needs and offers resonate best. The more you can learn about your customers and prospects, the better chance you have of presenting them with an offer that’s right for them, creating lifetime loyal customers.

Download the FREE guide and get started today!

Discover Better Inventory Sourcing with Activator Dealer Solutions

Learning more about your customers is the first step to better inventory sourcing. Discover how with a free Activator demo.