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Introducing SalesActivator
SalesActivator Increases Vehicle Sales in the Showroom and Online. Jumpstart the new and used car buying cycles by reaching sales leads before they make their last car payment.
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Introducing Mail Pro
Send highly targeted offers with equity, buyback, and service messaging to maximize revenue. Quantities are scalable across six different target groups based on your dealership’s goals and available customer data to keep customers loyal for life.
Case Study
Schaumburg Kia Case Study
Discover how Schaumburg Kia used Activator for conquesting and data-driven marketing to find new service customers and also sell a record-setting 262 cars in one month!
The State of the Automotive Industry
From staffing difficulties, the global chip crisis, and inventory shortages to the rise of social distance marketing, we cover all the ups and downs the automotive industry has been through and how Activator has guided our dealerships through them all.
Learn all about Activator's Performance Managers
Build on your best marketing campaign successes without reinventing the wheel every time. Intuitive management with Activator makes it happen.
Download the FREE Inventory Guide
Better inventory sourcing begins with knowing your customers better. The more you can learn about your buyers and prospects, the better chance you have of presenting with an offer that's right for them. Get the FREE Inventory guide and learn how you can grow your inventory in 30 days. 
eBook - Reliable data is both the foundation and the results of the Activator Solution.
Improve, Automate and Optimize your Dealership Marketing
Activator offers an automated solution that is optimized for the entire customer lifecycle.
The Non-Marketer’s Guide to Filling the Service Drive
If there’s anything to learn in 2021, it’s that digital marketing will play a key role in how you continue to reach customers and leads. Read our latest flipbook, The Non-Marketer’s Guide to Filling the Service Drive for Free! Read How to Master Marketing Automation to Boost Service Business.
Case Study
How ServiceActivator helped Pollard Jeep influence almost $30k of customer pay revenue per month.
Bob Valladao, Service Director at Pollard Jeep, described how the lack of knowledge with effective marketing was causing his dealership to miss opportunities that could bring new and existing customers in the door.
5 Ways Dealerships Can Ace Social Distance Marketing
Drive customer engagement and revenue opportunities across critical sales and service customer touchpoints. Download our FREE guide, 5 Ways Dealerships Can Ace Social Distance Marketing, to learn how.
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Service Conquesting with Activator
Gain new lifelong customers with Activator’s Conquesting feature. Service Conquesting drives incremental revenue by reaching customers who have never bought or been serviced at your dealership before.
Winning in 2021: A Dealership’s Guide to Social Distance Marketing Success
From ridding the budget of extraneous expenses to consolidating multiple marketing vendors, dealerships can position their sales and service departments for social distance marketing success this year.
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Prepare for Social Distance Marketing Success in 2021
Last year without exception was difficult for dealerships, altering how they do business and interact with customers. In 2021, dealerships can still achieve marketing success but one thing is certain: Social distance marketing needs to be at the core of how dealerships do business to stay in front of current and potential customers.
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Why Standalone Equity Solutions Fail
Customer communication preferences are constantly changing, and they expect companies to keep up with them. Does your equity sales approach include modern marketing strategies to reach customers wherever they are?
Understanding the Car Buyer’s Path to Purchase
How Dealerships Can Win at Every Stage Explore the five stages of a car buyer’s journey and how modern marketing automation and strategies can help drive leads to purchase.
Case Study
Bowser Automotive drives an average of 632 Customer Pay RO’s per month with Activator’s targeted email marketing
Megan Erney, Marketing Director for Bowser Automotive, was in need of a fully automated marketing solution that could help her team manage communications to a large dealership customer base.
Explainer Video
Performance Managers
Marci Trares talks about the importance of having a good Performance Manager.
Otto Circle of Power
Meet Otto — the automated AI tool (or smart technology) that continuously cleans your DMS data 24/7 and develops the right marketing messages at the right times.
Follow The VIN
Marketing solutions today are only as good as the data that is fed to them. When dealerships rely on solely DMS data to drive their marketing efforts, chances are they are talking to people who no longer own the vehicle you sold them. The solution to this problem is to follow the VIN for the win.
Improve Your Dealership’s Service Drive Marketing with ServiceActivator
ServiceActivator combines the power of continuous data cleansing, follow the VIN technology, and timely, relevant marketing messages to help you drive more service business and retain loyal customers. Explore ServiceActivator in our latest eBook, which you can download here for FREE.
Activator Overview
Dominate sales and service in the showroom and online, by tapping into multiple data sources beyond the DMS.
Follow The Car, Follow The Customer
Increase revenue to your service drive and maximize your marketing spend with Activator's Follow The Vin.
Product Video
Otto's Circle of Power
The power of Activator dominates both your sales and service drive.
Testimonial Video
Pollard Jeep Testimonial
See why Pollard Jeep of Boulder, CO, chose Activator to take their marketing to the next level.
Explainer Video
Process, Improvement & Adoption
Hyper-target and engage customers while maintaining meaningful consumer connections. Activator impacts multiple areas of your dealership with ease.
Don't Go Dark, Go Digital
What is digital retailing and why is it important to adopt this new way of selling cars? Digital retailing enables your customers and potential customers to shop from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they are. This online process allows them to search and purchase a vehicle on their terms, in their time. By adopting this process, you are establishing trust and transparency that creates a consistent experience for the consumer, every time.