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Drive New Sales Back to You

SalesActivatorTM the Industry’s Best Data Mining & Marketing Solution

SalesActivator targets and delivers the most-likely-to-buy equity leads using its award winning data mining solution. The tool utilizes your existing DMS data to identify customers in your service lane that can trade into a newer vehicle with a similar or lower monthly payment and no money down.

Our proven system serves up the best, in-equity customers using our proprietary 3T Smart Logic that prioritizes leads with Tier to Tier, Term to Term and Trim to Trim matching.

Moves aged inventory off your lot
Increases your floor traffic
Scans your service drive daily for in-equity customer opportunities
Eliminates the overwhelming feeling of a cumbersome platform.

Unleash the Power of Activator

15% 16% 14%
Average of total vehicle sales attribution Average Activator new car sales attribution Average Activator used car sales attribution