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What is MarketActivator’s Deal Stories?

MarketActivator is built on customer data and intelligent automation, and Deal Stories takes our technology one step up. It leverages AI across multiple data points to source and score customers based on their likeliness to buy. The higher the score, the hotter the prospect.

Our goal is to help sales teams know the why before reaching out to prospects so they can do what they do best. One-size-fits-all messaging is replaced with highly targeted messaging and conversations that are unique to the individual’s circumstances.

In turn, MarketActivator’s Deal Stories create better customer experiences and reduces the amount of time and effort spent in getting return customers through your door. It also slashes training time and helps make new salespeople proactive on Day 1.

How Deal Stories Works

Every day is a different story, and that’s how we approach every customer in our new Deal Stories feature. We upgraded our smart technology and leveraged multiple data points to focus on loading your sales team's lips with the why and sourcing the best customers to call or email. Sales teams can leverage MarketActivator’s relevant multi-channel approach of using automated marketing email templates and intuitive sales call scripts that are aligned in messaging so they always say or send the right thing to the right customer at the right time.

MarketActivator uses key indicators to determine which actions to prioritize. This includes:

Customer’s equity position

Customer’s level of interest, including actions like email engagement that increase their score

Customer’s available incentives

Customer’s prior deal details for both retail sales and leases

Days since the last contact with your dealership Service history and known mileage if available

Every Deal Story is visible within the custom record, along with scripts, templates, and any logged interactions. Deal Stories are per vehicle, not per customer, so you can capitalize on more opportunities when customers have multiple cars in their garage!

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Types of Deal Stories

Deal Stories can take many forms, depending on how your customers have engaged with your dealership. Our main priority is the customer's experience as they receive the same consistent experience as they interact with your dealership via multiple channels. It's this level of personalization that makes Deal Stories such an effective marketing microphone.

Deal Stories include the following scenarios:

Near-Term Lease
Lease customers nearing the end of term will soon be ready to renew, buy, or purchase a new lease.

Equity Lower Payment
Retail customers with scheduled payments remaining may be interested in ways to lower their payments.

Similar Payment
Retail customers with scheduled payments remaining may be interested in upgrading or exploring other options if it means their payments won’t change much.

Higher Payment
Retail customers with scheduled payments remaining may be interested in upgrading or exploring other options if it means their payments won’t increase much.

Equity in Service
Talk to upgradable customers who have upcoming service appointments.

Over Lease Mileage
Calculates the remaining contract mileage to see if a customer is likely to go over mileage.

Likely in Market
Customers who are engaging with marketing with a score high but do not fit one of the other Deal Stories may be contacted to explore their options to buy or lease.

Likely Terminated
Lease Customer who matures within the next 6 months and had another sales transaction within the past 6 months.

Deal Stories: Behind the Scenes

Here’s what other dealers have had to say about using Deal Stories for marketing:

Makes making the calls easier.

I really like the new email template to follow up my phone calls.

I have been able to set appointments off these leads this week.

Tell Your Deal Story

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